English as an additional language - EAL

The Curriculum at North Walkden Primay School

The Intent, Implementation and Impact on our Children with EAL



Here, at North Walkden, we have more and more children arriving with English as an additional language, or, in some cases, with no English. Our aim is to settle the children as quickly as possible, into school life; to encourage them to take part in the daily routines and structures, which will help them to develop, not only an understanding of the academic aspects of English, but the use of our language as a social interaction.

We work with parents/guardians to ensure a smooth transition into school, with translators being employed to assist us, at our entry interview, to find out details about the children’s past school experiences, their preferred methods of learning, their previous exposure to English, and any traumatic experiences that the children might have had. We believe that this interview is vital to enable us to help the children settle into their new environment as smoothly as possible.

We celebrate the fact that a rising number of our children speak more than one language, and acknowledge their ability to communicate using a variety of community languages. At North Walkden, the teaching and learning, achievements, attitudes and wellbeing of all children are important. We encourage all children to achieve the highest possible standards. We do this through taking account of each child’s life experiences and needs.

A number of our children have particular learning and assessment requirements, which are linked to their progress in learning English as an additional language.

Children who are learning English as an additional language have skills and knowledge about language similar to monolingual English-speaking children. Their ability to participate in the full curriculum may be in advance of their communicative skills in English.


Our EAL children are assessed on entry to the school, using the N.A.S.S.E.A. EAL assessment framework. This helps us to establish an initial progress level and to set targets, along with teachers. From that point the children’s Speaking; Listening and Understanding; Reading and Viewing and Writing are reassessed and new targets set, on a termly basis. Those children who are new to English are assessed on a more regular basis, in order to keep a closer eye on their progress, and to ensure that their targets are constantly updated, in the expectation that they will make rapid progress once they are exposed on a daily basis, to the English language.

Children who arrive with little or no English are quickly referred to the EMTAS team. Once an assessment has been completed by them, the children are able to access 1:1 support within school.


Because of our early, and ongoing intervention, children are supported in their learning, at appropriate levels across their primary career. Our EAL assessment and monitoring procedures facilitate the children’s learning in all the other areas of the curriculum.

Our EAL children excel here, at North Walkden. They become valuable and valued members of our school community, taking an active part in both school and after-school activities, along with being part of our School Council and Eco-School team. They add an extra dimension to all our lives, enriching us through their different cultures, religions, languages and their experiences of the world.

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