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Hello REAL Families and welcome to our own special page!!

Firstly, a thank you to you all for your patience!! It has been quite challenging over the past few months but we are now in a position to get things restarted with the REAL project. The current situation means that for the time being all home visits are shelved! 

However, this doesn't mean we cannot still share our activities!! I have outlined below how things will work for the REAL project!

  • As home visits are cancelled for the time being, I will be completing an activity in school with your children - I will use this page as a blog so you can see what we did in school.
  • Once children have completed their activity with me, I will give them an activity pack to take home.
  • This activity pack will be similar to the activity the children have shared with me - and so they should have an idea of what to do!
  • I will then upload videos to this page, or send information, that is specifically linked to the activity for you to complete at home.
  • You will receive a text message or email to tell you when new activities have been uploaded - don't panic, we have to complete only 5 activites by the end of this school year - so by July 2021 it will be complete!!
  • You can use the scrap books, already provided, to record or stick activities in. 
  • You can email pictures and/or videos to me at

This is a drastic change to the way I had originally planned to deliver the REAL project, however I am confident that we can still make it work!!

As always, I will be here to support you with ny queries, concerns or questions you may have - please email me at the above address. 

I am looking forward to seeing how this progresses and again, a huge thank you for your support and co-operation!!

TASK 1 - wc 23.11.20

All children will receive a letter in the post, from me, with a sheet of writing paper and a stamped addressed envelope to be able to write back and post their letter to me.

The idea behind this activity is that children engage with making marks or early writing for a purpose. Research suggests that if children have a reason to write then they are much more likely to engage in it. For such young children, it is somewhat magical to receive a letter just for them, and then to post a letter back to me is equally as magical. I will be making a huge fuss when I receive the letters back.

If you could write underneath their writing exactly what the children tell you it says for example - your children may say 'I went shop an gotid sweeties', you would usually write 'I went to the shop and got sweets'. By using their exact language means I can imagine the children saying it to me and shows their understanding of language. So whilst it does seem silly writing it when you know it isn't correct - it is exactly what I need!!

Best of luck and I cannot wait to receive some letters back!!

Thank you all for the lovely letters I received back from your children - I was very impressed and very humbled at some of the lovely messages!! Thank you all very much!!!


TASK 2 - 16.12.20

Today your children did their first remote session with me in school. We read the tale of the 3 Little Pigs, then we made stick puppets of the characters and recorded our own version of the story! I was very impressed I hope you are too, please watch the top video link below (This is a private YouTube Channel and can only be viewed by using this link)!

Home task - Little Red Riding Hood - 18.12.20.

Your children will have brought home a resource pack for The Little Red Riding Hood. Please watch the video clip of the Little Red Riding Hood Story (second link), and then the third video clip which contains instructions for your activity!! I would love to have photographs or even a video of your children retelling the story. Please email me at!! Good luck and I can't wait to hear from you!!


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