The Five Foundations

Five Foundations

What we already do?

  1. Sport- including competitive sport and other activities.
  • Swimming for year groups 3-5
  • PE lessons weekly
  • Extra-curricular sporting clubs
  • Worsley Sports
  • Competitive sporting events against other primary schools
  • The Golden Mile
  1. Creativity – involves all creative activities from coding, arts & crafts, writing, graphic design, film making, music composition.
  • Outside visitor – Lego coding
  • Extra-curricular clubs e.g. sketching club, art club, book making clubs, games club
  • MAPAS music lessons for Year 4
  • Lowry – MAPAS concert for Y4
  • Guitar/ ukulele/recorder lessons
  • DT week
  • Weekly art lessons
  1. Performing – activities could include dance, theatre & drama, musical performance, choir, debating or public speaking
  • Y6 end of year show
  • Class assemblies
  • Theatre visit – all KS2 children to watch a show
  • Music showcase – each year group
  1. Volunteering & Membership – brings together teams, practical action in the service of others.
  • School council
  • Litter picking in Blackleach Country Park
  • EYFS, KS1, KS2 fundraising events
  • McMillan coffee morning – September
  • Summer fair
  • Involvement with the church – lunchtime club
  1. World of work – practical experience of world of work, work experience or entrepreneurship. For primary age children could involve opportunities to meet role models from different jobs.
  • Y3-Y6 – enterprise event for summer fair
  • Visitors from Countryside Building Firm in assembly
  • Visitors from Library service into assembly


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