Nursery Snack Station

Date: 23rd Nov 2016 @ 5:07pm

The children have been enjoying the new addition to our classroom - The Snack Station! 

Thanks to your donations to our school fund we are able to provide extra snacks to the Nursery children. 

Snacks Inclyude: Fruit toast, Toast, Bagels, Crumpets, Waffles, Jam, Honey, Cereal, Selection of Fruit, Vegetable Sticks and Dips.

We will also be using this area for regular baking opportunities and plan to bake Gingerbread soon. We will also be preparing a range of snacks including sandwiches, pastas and rice with vegatables to give children an experience of preparing their own meals. 

The children have accessed this area so well, it is lovely to see them sharing, taking turns, using lovely manners, using cutlery independently, making choices, building on their friendships and making new conversations with other children. 

Miss Lord is currently in the process of adding pictures to our blogs to create a visual gallery - please bear with us. 

Many Thanks 


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