View-document.gifSEND Information Report

The kinds of special educational needs for which provision is made at North Walkden Primary school

SEND Local Offer.  

Please click here for Salford Authority's local offer.

SEND Policy - under review - to be ratified by GovernorsView-document.gif

At North Walkden we believe that SEN provision is underpinned by quality first teaching and is compromised by anything less. We believe that all teachers are teachers of special educational needs...

Behaviour under review - to be ratified by GovernorsView-document.gif

Our motto for good behaviour is ‘it’s good to be green’.

Safe Arrival and Collection of ChildrenView-document.gif

Our children’s safety is of paramount importance to us all. We will endeavour to ensure clear and robust procedures for collection are in place, regularly reviewed and clearly shared with staff, parents...

British ValuesView-document.gif

At North Walkden Primary School we actively teach encourage and promote fundamental British values in the following ways:


Bullying is behaviour which deliberately makes another person feel uncomfortable, distressed or threatened. The four main types of bullying are physical, (hitting, kicking, theft), verbal (name calling, racist...


There is a strong link between poor attendance and under achievement

 At North Walkden we want every child to have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Complaints Procedure - updated  - to be ratifed by Resource commitee 20.11.17View-document.gif

Should the need ever arise; parents/carers are enabled to address their complaints through a number

of appropriate channels...

Educational VisitsView-document.gif

North Walkden Primary School acknowledges the immense value of off-site visits and related activities to the students and fully supports and encourages those that are well planned and managed...


This policy reflects the values and philosophy of North Walkden Primary School in relation to the teaching and learning of Geography. It gives a framework within which all staff work together and it gives...


Gifted and Talented

At North Walkden we accept the comprehensive definition provided by QCA in 2001, that gifted and talented children show...


This policy reflects the values and philosophy of North Walkden Primary School, in relation to the teaching and learning of History. It gives a framework within which all staff work together and it gives guidance...

View-document.gifEnglish - to be ratified by governors November 2017

The national curriculum identifies Literacy as a core subject. At North Walkden we recognise that English extends to all aspects of a pupil’s life. In order for a pupil to develop fully and become a fulfilled...


All children are encouraged to enjoy mathematics; be successful at it and become more enthusiastic mathematicians by developing their skills and knowledge through practical experiences which have...


Music is essentially a practical subject which should be enjoyed by all. From an early age children have an awareness of rhythm, pitch and sounds around them and these should be developed on entry to school...

View-document.gifEarly Years

At North Walkden Primary School, the term Early Years is taken to mean all those children in the Early Years Foundation Stage of Education, i.e. those children aged between 3 and 5 years old ...

Safeguarding - to be ratified by Governors 14.11.17View-document.gif

The purpose of our safeguarding policy is to ensure every child is safe and protected. This policy will give clear direction to staff, volunteers, visitors and parents about the expected behaviour and responsibility...

View-document.gifRelationships and Sex Education

The 1986 Education Act places responsibility on Governing bodies for determining what sex education should be offered in their schools. This is a statement of policy with regard to the content and...

Single Equality & Community Cohesion Policy 2017 - 2020- to be ratified by FGB 06.12.17View-document.gif

It is the policy of this school to promote equality and diversity in all areas of our life and work. 

Whistle BlowingView-document.gif

Employees are often the first to realise that there may be something seriously wrong within the Council. However, they may not express their concerns because they feel that speaking up would be disloyal to their...

Young CarersView-document.gif

North Walkden Primary School is committed to supporting young carers to access education. This policy aims to ensure young carers at North Walkden Primary School are identified and offered appropriate support to access the education to which they are entitled.

Charging and Remissions

North Walkden CP school believes that all our pupils should have an equal opportunity to benefit from school activities and visits (curricular and extra curricular) independant of their parent's financial means. This policy describes how we aim to achieve this through minimising financial barriers.

Marking & Presentation Policy

Marking should help children to become reflective learners

Transition Policy


Drug Education


Online Safety & Mobile Technology


Peer on Peer Abuse - 


Mobile Phone  - guidance and procedure for staff, parents/carers and pupils


Freedom of Information  


Asthma - under review - to be ratified by Governors

School Security and Personal Safety Policy


Accessibility Plan 2016 - 2019

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