The Curriculum at North Walkden Primary School

The Intent, implementation and Impact of our Curriculum – SEND.


At North Walkden we believe that Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) provision is underpinned by quality first teaching and isn’t compromised by anything less. We believe that all teachers are teachers of special educational needs and disability. The needs of the majority of children will be met through quality first teaching which includes differentiation by; teaching styles, support, organisation and materials.


Our guiding principle is one of inclusion. We aim to identify and break down possible barriers to learning so that children can achieve their best given their starting points and become the best that they can be.  We intend to support all our children with additional needs as individuals and cater for their needs accordingly, with high quality targeted support ensuring good progress is made. We want our pupils to become confident and independent individuals who are able to live fulfilling lives and who make a successful transition into adulthood. 


At North Walkden we use our best endeavours to make sure that all children with SEND get the high quality support they need. At the heart of the work of every class is a continuous cycle of planning, teaching and assessing which takes into account the wide range of abilities, aptitudes and interests of children. We ensure that children with SEND engage in the activities of the school alongside children who do not have SEND, guaranteeing inclusion for all.  We value all pupils here at North Walkden Primary School equally and utilise individual’s strengths and interests to engage children in their learning. Staff offer high quality support to ensure that all needs are met through tailored interventions. We are fully aware that SEND crosses all curriculum areas and all aspects of teaching and learning and this is taken into account when planning and delivering the curriculum. We pride ourselves in our home school links and inform and involve parents as much as possible. Having parents and carers involved in their child’s learning is paramount for the progress of individuals. Seeking the views of the child and using their voice is also key at North Walkden to ensuring that all our SEND children achieve their best.


Children are met with a stimulating, engaging and well-resourced classroom environment to support their learning.  Through the quality first teaching and well-structured, appropriate interventions that are in place at North Walkden, the majority of our SEND children are making at least good progress given their starting points. Using their pupil voice they are becoming more confident, independent learners and are showing a great attitude to learning.

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