Our Little Magic Elf Christopher Popinkins

Date: 2nd Dec 2016 @ 2:21pm

Dec 1st 2016

The 1st of December brought us to the beginning of our festive and frosty fun. Nursery were excited as we had a visit from a little Elf called Christopher Popinkins.. We found him peeping at us! He brought them a lovely gift wrapped in tissue paper and Eva was chosen to open it. Inside was a Peppa Pig Advent Calendar! We discussed the numbers on the front and Eva opened the very first door number 1. Yum..

I wonder what Christopher Popinkins will bring us tomorrow? 

Dec 2nd 2016

Nursery found Christoper Popinkins hiding in the classroom.. he had another gift for us! It was a beautiful book telling the story of a magic little elf called - Christopher Popinkins!! He lives with Santa in the North Pole. 

I wonder if the children can tell you about him?

December 5th 2016

Christopher Popinkins left the children a lovely box of christmas cards this morning... 

Maybe the children will send you one? 

December 6th 2016

Today we found Christopher hiding in the creative area, he was peeping behind a christmas postbox and we wondered if this was a clue... Beside the postbox was a present wrapped in beautiful green ribbon. Annabel opened up the gift to find 'The Jolly Christmas Postman' book. We cant wait to read it!!

Ask the children about the job of a postman!

December 7th 2016 

After the fabulous nativity show, we came back to class to find Christoper Popinkins sat on Miss Kelbie's chair eating Party Rings! Luckily, he didnt eat them all up and had saved some for Nursery. 

December 8th 2016

Nursery have been lucky today. Christoper has been busy in his elf workshop and made us a gorgeous wooden train. We cant wait to play with it... 

Maybe you could take your children on a real train? 

December 9th 2016

Christopher has hidden white chocolate coins all over the classroom. We are going to have a Christmas treasure hunt and send them home for children to enjoy over the weekend. 

To be continued... 

December 12th 2016 

Christoper has gone missing... we cant find him! Nursery are going to think about where he has gone - or is he hiding from us? 

December 13th 2016 

Still no christopher... We are feeling worried! 

December 14th 2016 

Christopher is back - Hooray!! The kindness elves have returned with him, he was feeling sad because he missed The North Pole - we discussed acts of kindness and the children made Christopher some lovely notes and pictures to put in the kindness jar. 

December 15th 2016 

Christoper left a note for the children, he asked them to sing to him! During group time we talked about our favourite nursery rhymes and songs and sang them to Christopher. 

December 19th 2016 

This afternoon, two elves came to visit Christopher and Nursery Class. they were called Tingles and Cheeky. We played games, listened to a story, and had lots of festive fun. The elves brought a sack of goodies for the children and each child recieved a Cadbury's selection box! YUM! 

December 20th 2016 

Christopher has gone back to join Santa and the rest of the elves at The North Pole. Good bye Christoper - thank you for visiting us! 

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