Name Writing in Nursery

The weeks are flying by, we are now over half way through the school year. With only 5 weeks this term Summer term 1 will soon be upon us. The Nursery children have really taken to learning their letter sounds and we have now began streaming them into groups to push them further on if they are ready, or to also embed the first sounds we have been learning.

Due to the introduction of letter sounds - forming them with magic wands and swords, in sand trays - and singing the matching songs to each sound, i have noticed a rise in children applying this indepedently in provision.

Everywhere i go there is lots of mark making and letter formation which makes me feel really proud and tells me they are getting 'reception ready'...

With this in mind, and the reception year creeping up, children will be required to begin writing their names each morning. We will have name books and name cards set out in boy and girl groups, please do stay and support ypur child with this. 

Many Thanks 

Nursery staff 

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