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Please can you find something at home with your child to live in our sound tray that begins with the /S/ sound.

Dear parents - this week we have begun to look at our first Jolly Phonics sound /S/, thinking about things that begin with /S/ and using big movements to form this letter shape in the air.

Our 'way' of teaching children how to remember formation in a lovely child friendly way is to 'slither down the snake' as we form it, emphasising the sssssss in the words.

We will also be singing songs with actions in order to help children to remember and recognise our new sounds.

(You can access these at home by searching on YouTube'Jolly Phonics in the correct order'.)

We will not be writing our letter sounds when we teach the children, however we will be forming them with our magic wands, large feathers, light sabres, finger lasers, knight swords as well as using our small motor skills to form the letter shape in coloured sands, glitter, shaving form and lots more sensory media.

We will be sssssearching through ssssssspaghetti to find our sound and pictures of things that begin with this sound.

*Please note, in phonics we look at the sounds that letters make for e.g. spaghetti begins with a /S/ sound and shark begins with a /sh/ sound.

Im looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Many thanks

Miss Kelbie


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